Existential Fashion Crisis. . . ya, it's a thing.

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I am having a Julie and Julia moment far too early in my blogging “career”. I wonder if anyone else truly thinks about what to wear as much as I do or if I am writing solely for therapeutic purposes alone which, is what my sister has been telling me to do for years now and to stop bothering her with such nonsense. I read a plethora of fashion mags/blogs to see what I should wear and what I should rightfully send to the dry cleaners to be vacuum sealed and sent into the trend abyss that is my under-the-stairs clothing museum.

Is is just me or are there certain trends that not only need to be ignored but given a good ass-kicking? Or is it possible that we need to see fashion victims left by the curbside? Is this a lesson in vicarious learning of how one may suffer from taking the advice of fashion experts? For example, the wearing of feather fascinators (yes, there are photos of me wearing such a device) or leggings, baggy socks and a plaid work shirt complete with enormous, horn-rimmed glasses (yes, yes I know there are some of you out there who possess upload-able photos of me wearing this abominable cocktail as well– Let’s just agree that in the 90’s we could not fathom the interweb which is capable of fashion out-ing us to the world, ok?) I may be having a clothing-inspired existential moment.

If you are into what is hot right now are you simply a sitting duck for “OMG what were you thinking” long before your children, nieces, nephews, students etc are old enough to see your high-school yearbook? Here is what I think. Trends come and go. Here is what I want to know. What are some fashion trends that need to be buried without a marker, never to be seen again? Let me start off the list with a few of my Jane/John Doe fashion trends. (“nope honestly, I never saw them before in my life!”)

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