The LooseButton Summer Trend 2012

Being invited to attend an exclusive event being hosted by one of your favourite businesses ranks up there with “the best day ever” feeling.

I was invited to attend just such an event by LooseButton held at the Dermalogica training studios in Toronto on May 16 2012, with guest speaker –beauty expert, editor at large at The Kit online fashion magazine and best selling author Chantel Guertin

LooseButton is the company responsible for one of the best gifts I have ever given myself, the Luxe Box.

Once a month a beautifully decorated, personalized gift box to me in the mail, inside this box is 3-5 deluxe sized beauty samples. In my gift boxes I have recieved deluxe sized samples of countless beauty products (these samples are larger than most sample envelopes of shampoo, or squares of fragrance) as well as full size products from companies such as Benefit, China Glaze, and  the Canadian cosmetic company Cargo I have also recieved offers for bonus Shopper’s Drug Mart Optimum points, and other types of samples such as a pouch of Seattle’s Best coffee, a 3 month subscription to Flare magazine, and my personal favourite…a pair of pretty panties from Panty by Post

So when I had found out I had been selected to attend The LooseButton Summer Trend 2012 Event I immediately cleared my schedule and made plans with my friend Meghan to drive the 2  1/2 hours so we could be in attendance .

The event began with a meet and greet cocktail hour catered  “tastefully” by Daniel et Daniel  There was a selection of wines and sparkling water on offer along with melon and feta skewers,  fruits, cheese, crackers, veggies, and finger sandwiches.  And last but not least  everyone`s favourite CUPCAKES!!

These stunning beauties were made by Tiffany at Made with Love Toronto. Also in attendance during the cocktail hour were representatives from Valentino, Benefit, and of course Dermalogica, showcasing some of their most popular products.

We made our way to the conference room where Chantel Guertin was prepared to share with us the Summer Trend forecast for 2012.

We learned that dewy complections, bronzers, self tanners, wavy hair, full lashes, and fun fingernails, among other things are going to be big this summer.

The main message I took away was “If it feels good do it” and although trends come and go, confidence is the one thing needed to pull them off.

The event wrapped up with rounds of applause for all the event sponsors, and instruction to pick up our specially prepared gift bags stuffed with swag. I have to admit that–not so secretly– these were the words I was longing to hear!  As we headed out the door we were asked for a one word response that summed up the event, AWESOME was all I could say!

Meghan and I rushed back to the car so that we didn’t look uncouth rummaging through our bags right then and there.

Once inside the car we tore into our gift bags, inside we found a Dermalogica starter kit ($68 value), a trade paperback written by Chantel called “Love Struck” ($20 value) and a special edition Luxe Box, containing a full size ultra plush gloss by Benefit which I already love ($18 value) a 50ml sample of Joico K-Pack Revitaluxe ($23 for 150ml approx $7 value) a 2ml sample of Valentina eau de parfume by Valentino  ($98 for 50ml approx $4 value) and a sneak preview of the latest print issue of The Kit (which hadn’t even hit the newsstands yet).

The ride home was filled with commentary about the event and how good it felt as a consumer to be included in the type of event that previously wouldn’t have been open to us–the public.

During the event we had used our phones to share tweets and pics on facebook which allowed us to engage our friends who weren’t in attendance. I was so impressed with the whole event I used facebook to tag the sponsors in the images I had taken at the show. I want my friends and family to know that companies like these do like input from their customers, and that they are willing to give a little to earn loyalty and keep you coming back. I also wanted to thank all the people who work hard to put together these types of events, the behind the scenes work that goes into pulling off something like this is completely mind boggling.

Thanks, LooseButton for being the type of company that cares about its customers and goes above and beyond what is expected by rolling out new and innovative ideas continually.

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