What are you wearing??

Fall Fashion or Epic Fail?

We are going to break this photo’s advice down into manageable bits. This week we are looking at the bit about “brightly coloured pants”. Finally, we hre extended the creative license to explore vibrant colour and wear it where it belongs . . .on the lower half of our bodies. While getting your colours done is not nearly as popular as it once was you still hear “Oooh, I love (insert random colour here). I just can’t wear it.” Good news. You probably can wear that colour you think is off limits just not next to your face. Case in point, is the colour silver, my fashion Achilles heel. While leafing through a fashion rag I spotted J-Lo in a silver sparkly little number with a high neckline, short hemline and immediately thought to myself. “That could be a good look for me. I have an ample bootie and shapely legs. Perfect!” I searched relentlessly and finally found a similar dress. With my mother waiting on the other side of the fitting room door I wriggled into that cocktail dress and knew that it fit me like a proverbial glove. Without a passing glance at the inside mirror I triumphantly threw open the door. “Ooooh Jude, that’s not your colour at all. It washes you right out. Not to mention it’s missing a skirt.” Even with my cheeks flushed with indignation my skin did indeed have that sickly hue of day old dishwater. I wallowed in the misery of a future without silver clothing. Eventually enough time passed and memory faded just enough that a black and silver zebra print dress lured me into a dressing room once again. The bodice was sleek and black and the skirt hugged every curve in bold, brazen silver and black zebra print. The silver portion was sufficiently far enough away from my face not to cast it’s deathly shadows under my eyes.

Figuring Out Your Colours

Get in that closet and put your like colours together. This does not relegate all blue items to the “blue” pile. Fellas, you may need some help if you still think that peach is a fruit and nude is the best way to end date night with your partner. You may be able to wear royal blue next to your face but powder blue may only be for shoes or leggings. Once you’ve got yourself sorted enlist the help of your most sincere friend. If you find brutal honesty a bit harsh set up a thumbs up, thumbs down system that carries full veto power to any objection you may concoct. (It doesn’t matter if you spent a fortune on that ecru turtleneck if you look like death warmed over while wearing it) It’s also a good idea to test out the colours in natural and artificial lighting. Remember that overhead, florescent lighting does bad things to all people including Aphrodite. (ASIDE: why do all bathing suit stores have tiny cubicles with overhead florescent lighting?? I swear they are in cahoots with the ice cream shop that is always conveniently located next door where I invariably end up after trying on a few suits.)

“Your” colours should make your face look refreshed, draw out your best features and make you glow. Items that just aren’t cutting it can still be salvaged. A scoop neck sweater or dress in a less than flattering colour can be saved by wearing a blouse in one of your glow colours underneath, layering with a funky blazer or accessorizing with a fashionable scarf. Check out http://www.uniqueboutiqueunlimited.com/ for more ways to save your fashion dollars by incorporating scarves into your wardrobe. .com

Trendy colours come and go with the seasons but the key to an economical and flattering wardrobe means finding out what works for you. As for me I am satisfied in the knowledge that silver is part of my fashion future.

Jude n’ Jules

owners of UBU-Unique Boutique Unlimited

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