You Can't Handle the Boots

As you all know I like getting quality stuff cheap. Just to clarify for the hoards of engineers out there who are no doubt huge fans of my blog that is not cheap stuff fast.  It is quality stuff cheap. So when my good friend Shelley offered me a pair of barely worn, brown, calf-length boots for free I jumped at the chance. After confirming that they do not cause foot injuries that only surgery can correct I happily added them to my growing collection of boots.

What is it with Canadian women and their fondness for boots? Is it indeed only cold weather climate dwellers who succumb to the siren song of the almighty boot? I simply can not imagine pulling on a pair of over-the-knee leather boots in Vegas.Or perhaps this explains the otherwise scarcity of their costuming. Sacrificing their clothing for a fantastic pair of kickers. I imagine some readers appreciate the sacrifice these performers make. Might I also recall to your hippocampus the image of Julia Roberts clad in thigh-high, vinyl boots in Pretty Woman? Slightly skanky yet ultra memorable.  I think I went through a phase like this in the 90’s . . . but, I digress.

Most women love their shoes but boots seem to supersede even this grand obsession. But the question is can you handle the boot? Case in point is what I call the “pirate boot phenomenon” a.k.a Project Arrrr.

At first glance they look like an innocuous pair of black boots but, you pair skinny jeans with a long flowy sweater on a woman less than 5’5″ and you have the case of the disappearing leg trick. Fashion runways are going to showcase this boot on a 5’11” waif who is going to benefit from the extra width a pirate boot has to offer. Show of hands . . .who would like to add a little extra girth to your frame? Me, not so much. Does this mean you should return your wench outfit and hang up your eye patch? Fortunately, no. There are boots that mimic the favoured look while minimizing the width at the top. There are boots that appear to have a cuff but are merely tightly sewn embellishments around the top of the boot or go for a shorter cut variant which shows that you do indeed have legs. So tighten up that corset and add a few dreds to your locks you’ve found the pirate boot for you. Jack Sparrow would be impressed. Or at least I am hoping he will be.

Next week  . . .the Ugg. No wait, the name says it all.

Be sure to come and meet the fashion masterminds behind UBU on Saturday, January 21 from 1:00PM-5:00PM at 210 Wellington St in St. Thomas when we host  UBU and Friends Shopping Showcase. Enter to win your own Luxe box and many other door prizes. See you there. . . bring a friend.

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