Stopping Cruelty to Animals – Please Help

Just imagine you have a child 4-weeks-old taken from you and thrown in a smelly old dumpster to die. Hoping I have your attention now, I want the public to be aware of a totally cruel and offensive act which happened on Thursday, August 23rd which I am sure will our animal-lover activitists will find intolerable and inexcusable. A litter of 7 kittens, 4-weeks-old were thrown in a dumpster behind the Timken Centre and left to suffer and die. Luckily, some kind person found them in time. They were transported to one of our local veterinarians for aid and then on to foster homes and have survived. I am pleading for your help right now. Please, if anyone knows who who is responsible for this blatant display of cruelty, please contact Animal Control. This person/persons should be charged.

We have several animal shelters in St. Thomas and hundreds of cats, some of them pregnant, and kittens are in abundance there because of people who abuse or neglect their pets. They will not take the responsibility of being a good pet owner and spay or neuter their pets or just get tired of them like a piece of old furniture and throw them out when no longer wanted. I find this simply appalling. Animals suffer just as you and I suffer. I know there are many many people in our community who give many hours of their time to volunteer at our shelters and aid in finding homes for neglected and abused animals and I so grateful for your kindness and compassion. So please help us find the person responsible for this despicable act so that people will know they cannot get away with this kind of cruelty in our town.

Jenny Brown

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  1. Please notify me of any replies and/or follow up emails.

  2. Good for you Jenny ….. well written ….I shared it “public” on my FB……lets get the word out!!!