Getting a head start on summer

Health and WellnessAre you feeling tired of being indoors, do you want to regain your energy and rid yourself of those pesky pounds which have accumulated over the winter months. Well you are not alone. It is very typical to add a few extra pounds to help keep us warm and cozy when the winds are cold and blistery. Winter is commonly known as a time of rest and rejuvenation. You might be laughing at the thought of rest with our busy over scheduled lives, so it might be more accurate to say we are less physically active, but rested is questionable. Busy lives, racing minds, and stress can all lead to an increase in inches and a number on the scale that we are just not happy with. Finally its spring, and we are desperately wanting to feel the warm winds and sunshine on our skin. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about shedding those extra pounds and regaining your vibrant self for the beautiful summer a head.

To help kick start your weight loss goal, and get back your lean healthy body try adding these simple steps to your daily routine.

  1. Start your day with a glass of water, rehydrate yourself after a long night of fasting.
  2. Eat protein with breakfast, protein will help keep you fuller long, and kick start your metabolism.
  3. Have vegetables for snacks, this is a great and easy way to add more vegetables to the diet.
  4. Make lunch time your heaviest meal.
  5. Ensure you are getting a variety of whole foods every day. The more variety you have in your diet the more likely you are to absorb the nutrients you need to lose weight and feel energized.

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