Saving your dollars just makes cents!

I am going to attempt to share with you some of my money saving shopping tips.

Some of these tips are simple and require next to no effort on the part of the shopper.

Some however can get a little tricky, require a bit of time and thought, but these are the ideas that will save the most money.

If you think you want to give some of the “extreme couponing” tips a try the first thing I suggest you do is set up a free e-mail account on gmail or hotmail that you will use for your couponing persona. One of the best ways to get amazing offers is to sign up for company newsletters and promotions. If you really don’t want your IN box filling up fast, having a separate account to use for signing up for stuff really is a good idea.

Some of the money saving topix I will talk about in my upcoming posts are

Loyalty programs— Shopper’s Optimum, Canadian Tire Money, Airmiles etc and some hints on how to get the most from them.

Coupons and where to find them, how to sort them, and coming up with a system that works for you.

Flyers and newsletters– keeping your eyes peeled for a good bargain

SCOPScanning Code of Practice

Price Matching— Where to price match, how to price match and some of the pitfalls.

Freebies and BOGO

Great online sites and references.

Scams– If it seems too good to be true….

I will also do my best to address your questions and comments in a timely manor.

I advocate shopping at independent local retailers, buying directly from a local producer/manufacturer or shopping where you live when you do shop at a major chain. It is not my intent to tell you how you should shop, where you should shop or what products you should buy. However right now many families are struggling to do more with less money and if they want to find ways to not only survive this tough economic time but to also thrive in it I hope I am able to help.

Lets get ready to save some money!!!