The Good, the cheap and the free.

Feel the Bzz

Do you kinda like the rush, when you are the first to know something and can tell everyone you know all about it?

Then Bzz is for you.

Do you like to try new products, but worry about buying something that turns out to be totally useless.

Then Bzz is for you too.

This Bzz I am speaking of is BzzAgent. target=”_blank”>

This is a word of mouth marketing site. You sign up and fill in a number of surveys. If surveys annoy you, BzzAgent is not for you.

BzzAgent uses these surveys to determine if you fit the demographic target they are trying to reach for a given product and based on the answers to these surveys you will be offered Bzz campaigns as they become available.

The number and types of things they offer are varied and all you have to do in exchange for trying out products for free, is to tell people about the products you are trying and write very short reports on how your interactions went.

BzzAgent expects honesty. Don’t think by saying nice stuff all the time you will get more chances to review products, Bzz only works if it is honest, and constructive.

Many companies trust BzzAgent to give them useful feedback about their products from real life testers, and from the reactions from the people that test the products interations with others.

I have had the opportunity to participate in 6 campaigns

Scrubbing Bubbles One Step (I am currently trialing this product)

target=”_blank”> – I was asked to join the site and review local businesses

ZoomPass – I was given a $10 credit on a pre paid mastercard to comment on ease of use on a number of transactione types)

Burt’s Bees Natural Anti-Blemish – Wonderful company, love their stuff, worked great, but kinda stinky.

Help Bring Noor and Ramsay Home -a facebook and twitter campaign to help bring a father his kidnaped children back to the U.S. (a very sad and touching story that is on-going please read more here target=”_blank”> )

Danone DanActive® – I was sent a coupon for a free sample, I was asked to try it and give an honest review. I liked it, but not really into buying yogurt drinks.

Not all campaigns involve getting something free, and you only have to participate in campaigns that interest you. There is no cost to you. I also am not compensated if you check out our join this site. I have had no problems dealing with BzzAgent in the over 2 years I have been doing it and enjoy the opportunities that I have had to try the products and programs that I have participated in.

If you want to find out more what I think about the Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Cleaner follow me @julieleeds on twitter add Julie Leeds as a friend on Facebook or just look for my column here on The St.Thomas Blog.

If you would like a $5 off coupon to try the scubbing bubbles one step toilet cleaner or $2 off the refill just send me an e-mail target=”_blank”> with scrubbing bubbles as the subject and your address* as the message and I will drop them off to you.

*Only St.Thomas Addresses at this time, unless you would like to make arrangements to come to St.Thomas to pick the coupons up.