Cool down your hot car

A video has appeared on Youtube featuring a unique way to cool down your car if it is too hot to sit inside of it. The video is in Japanese with Chinese subtitles so this is a rather loose translation.

Roll down a window on one side of the car, lets pretend it’s the passenger side. Then, keeping the drivers side window rolled up, you open and close the drivers side door about 5 times as if you were getting in or out of the car. In the video while the temperature was 86.9 F, the inside of the car was originally 106.8 F but after the open door policy was applied, the temperature dropped to 92.3 F.

Someone has analysed this and come up with how it really works, and hint, it isn’t magic. By opening and closing a door while the opposite window is open, you draw the hot air out while sucking in the cool air through the window.

If you don’t believe me, here is the video as proof!

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