Dead Batteries

If the United States buys 3 billions batteries a year, Canada cannot be far behind. Just take a moment and think about where batteries are used in your house. Clocks, remotes controls, video game controllers, flash lights. There are a lot of places where batteries are required. If you have children then you will know that nearly everything that kids want to play with either require batteries or is Lego.

You can buy recyclable batteries but how many of us actually do that? While manufactuers state that these batteries hold their charge just as well as their one shot brothern, many of us still don’t seem to buy into that idea.

Once the batteries have gone flat from having a flash light left on over the weekend, under the kids bed, covered by Mr Toady the stuffed rabbit, what do we do with them? Nearly all of us pick them up and dispose of them in the nearest trash bin. Problem solved. You know it isn’t really!

Did you know that batteries contain many elements that are referred to as heavy metals. No, Metalica isn’t really in your remote control but mercury, lead, nickel and cadmium are. When batteries containing these heavy metals (Hello Cleaveland!) are taken to the tip, or incinerator the heavy metals leak out and are exposed to the air and ground. This isn’t a good thing.

What can we do?

Well we can recycle the batteries just like we recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, wine bottles, and partially mumified human remains. I know it does seem to be a bit of a fuss recycling batteries but do you remember when we didn’t recycle the daily paper? The plastic bottles were just thrown out with the rest of the garbage? It takes time but we can get into the habit of doing this.

If you refer to a website named you can find nearby locations that will take your dead batteries and help recycle them into toilet paper for the French. To save you looking for St. Thomas locations, I have already done that. There are 4 at present who actively paticipate in the Call2Recycle program. They are Rona, Canadian Tire, The Source and Vesta Shop.

Call and double check before you carry three tons of batteries in a plastic Walmart bag to one of these stores but they should be able to help. If we all do a little, it will help a lot!

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