Environmental Commissioner Confirms Government Failing Wildlife Management

QUEEN’S PARK – This morning MPP Jeff Yurek, Elgin-Middlesex-London questioned the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry on the Environmental Commissioners report detailing the government’s failure on the management of wildlife in the province.

The Environmental Commissioner reported that Ontario’s moose population has declined by 20% in the past decade and by as much as 60% in areas like Cochrane. “The report further revealed that the ministry often fails to use its tools to provide effective conservation for Ontario’s species”. stated Yurek

The Special Purpose Account (SPA) is funded through hunting and fishing licenses and is to be used for wildlife management. However, documents show the money was spent on:

  • $55,000 on psychologist
  • $15,000 for housekeeping
  • $33,000 for cleaning
  • $2,200 for laundry

“The money spent from the SPA fund was diverted away from wildlife management and the Environmental Commissioner confirms this has negatively affected our wildlife population” continued Yurek

Yurek questioned the government on the lack of transparency and accountability of this account on October 4, 2016 which went unanswered by both the Minister and her Parliamentary Assistant. Today, Yurek once again requested the Ministry provide him with a detailed account of the expenditures of this account and explain how the spending of this account benefits hunting and angling in the province.

“Minister, in light of the Environmental Commissioner’s report now is the time be open and transparent and release the details of how the money is being spent out of the Special Purpose Account. “ MPP Jeff Yurek concluded

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