Fao report confirms liberals cutting health care funding

QUEEN’S PARK – This morning the Financial Accountability Officer (FAO) released his spring report on the provinces economic and fiscal outlook.

“Contrary to the government’s talking points, health care funding is being cut in Ontario, leading to a rationing of the system.  Their report clearly states that given the fiscal outlook it is “unclear how the government will achieve its target of 1.8 per cent annual healthcare spending increase over the next 4 years,” noted Ontario PC Health Critic Jeff Yurek (Elgin-Middlesex-London).

The FAO report confirmed that based on the 2016 Budget numbers limiting health spending growth to 1.8 per cent per year does not match the natural growth in the healthcare system due to an aging population which the FAO calculated would lead to 5.2 per cent annual growth.

“This government continues to ration essential health care services, and it is clear from this morning’s report that Ontario’s poor financial state will see increased health care staff and service cuts.  The Liberals will continue to sell off assets, slash funding to health care and raise hydro rates to make up for their scandal, waste and mismanagement,” concluded Yurek.

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  1. Margaret McKnight

    why is this happening- some of us struggle now with little income- like it just isn’t fair