Government Limits Public Input On Criticial Health Care Bill

(Queen’s Park) – This afternoon at the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly, the Wynne Liberal Government used their majority and passed amendments to the subcommittee report to drastically cut back the amount of time available for public consultations regarding Bill 41, Patients First Act, 2016.

“The Wynne government has already limited debate on this Bill in the legislature, now we are seeing the government limit patients and healthcare professionals ability to have their voices heard as they continue to push through this omnibus healthcare bill” stated MPP Jeff Yurek (Elgin-Middlesex-London), Ontario PC Health Critic

The Liberal committee members cut almost 12 hours of public deputations from the process and introduced another motion to reduce the time for people to speak at the committee from nine to three minutes. However, that motion was withdrawn.

“The Liberal Government gave no plausible explanation for decreasing the committee’s public consultation timeframe. We have just witnessed this government muzzling the voices of patients and healthcare professionals.” concluded MPP Jeff Yurek

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