Government’S Last Minute Offer To The Ontario Medical Association Disrespectful To Doctors

The following is a statement from the Ontario PC Critic of Health Jeff Yurek on the government’s newly proposed three-year deal with the OMA:

“Early this morning we learned that the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care presented the Ontario Medical Association with a new three-year plan.

“The Ontario Medical Association had one hour to review the offer before the Minister released the details publicly and held a press conference. Clearly the Minister would rather negotiate health care concerns through the media than with our medical professionals.

“This government’s lack of oversight and accountability has led to unacceptable levels of waste in our health care system. Instead of taking ownership for their 13 years of waste and mismanagement, this government has tried to push the blame onto Ontario’s doctors.

“It is typical of this government to hold a politically-motivated press conference instead of engaging with our hardworking physicians. It is also clear that this government is trying to distract from their irresponsible legislation, Bill 41, which will only continue the growth of bureaucracy in the health care system to the detriment of frontline patient care.

“We continue to urge the government and the OMA to come back to the bargaining table for the sake of patients.”

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