Liberal Government Ignored Its Own Expert Recommendations To Fund Sight Saving Surgery

QUEEN’S PARK – Earlier this week Ontario PC Health Critic Jeff Yurek (Elgin-Middlesex-London) questioned the government on their failure to fund surgery for keratoconus, a degenerative eye disease that causes individuals to go legally blind.

“The Minister responded by stating that they are following the advice of their scientific and clinical evidence-based experts however, a report from Health Quality Ontario, one of their experts, recommends that the surgery should be made available to patients with corneal thinning disorders” stated MPP Yuerk

Aidan, a 16 year old recently diagnosed with keratoconus, was told OHIP wouldn’t pay for an operation to save his sight, despite the procedure being covered in other provinces. Instead Aidan’s parents were forced to pay $10,000 to a private clinic.

“How many Ontarians have gone legally blind because of this government ignoring reports and rationing healthcare?” questioned Yurek.

“It is clear this government has the scientific evidence they need and other provinces are funding this surgery, yet the Wynne Liberal government continues to ration our health care services. Each undertaking by this government has removed much-needed money from patient care, instead investing in bureaucracies, and report after report that ultimately fails patients. The end result is patients are left to get sicker while they wait to access much-needed care.” concluded Jeff Yurek

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