Yurek Calls On Mnrf Minister To Protect Hunting In Southwest Ontario

St. Thomas – In an unprecedented move, a large wind corporation has told landowners to stop hunting on their properties in response to two incidents of vandalism last winter.

“It is unfortunate this wind company has decided to blame hunters.” Jeff Yurek MPP for Elgin Middlesex London stated, “I am not sure how they linked the incidents to hunting when no formal investigation took place.”

Due to the lack of crown land available in Southwest Ontario, hunters must rely on private landowners to hunt. The demand  by the wind corporation will set a precedent which threatens the hunting heritage of many families.

“Hunting creates significant economic benefits for small rural areas, is a safe activity and ensures resource population control limiting roadside accidents throughout the area” stated Yurek. “ I am calling on the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry and the Liberal Government to ensure the rights of hunters and landowners will be protected and not allow wind companies to shut down our traditions.”

“The wind turbines are often built in municipalities that are an unwilling host. Now these multinational corporations are telling residents what recreational activities they can participate in” cited Yurek.

As Dutton-Dunwich prepares for new wind farms imposed by the Liberal Government, Yurek hopes the Minister of MNRF will ensure that hunting will still be allowed in that area.

“Our hunters are an independent, safe, environmentally wise group that enjoys the multi-generational tradition of hunting. Hunters in the province are required to take safety courses and pass exams to be certified to hunt. It is therefore my hope that the Minister will stand up to her Government and ensure the tradition continues in Southwestern Ontario.” Yurek concluded

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  1. Timothy Hedden

    they have the right to dictate what happens on their property do they not?

  2. While I agree that hunting rights must be protected, the rights of landowners have to supersede the rights of anyone that trespass on their property.

  3. Aren’t the wind companies just informing their “hosts” that they (the property owner) or anybody else are not to be hunting on their land anymore?