Yurek looking for answers on missing Patients at the Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health


ST. THOMAS – MPP Jeff Yurek is raising concerns for safety in the community after two “potentially dangerous” men went missing from the Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health in St. Thomas, Ontario yesterday.

“I have faith the OPP will be able to locate the missing patients however many questions need to be answered ” Yurek stated. ” How did they escape? Were they out on a day pass? On the highway smoking? Or did the internal state-of-the-art security system fail? The community deserves answers to these questions” said Yurek.

The Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health opened two years ago after the closure of the old mental health hospital in St. Thomas on Sunset Road. Since it’s opening there have been security and safety issues raised by community members and staff.

“My office received daily phone calls and e-mails from residents who were concerned about the general safety of patients, the public and motorist due to some of the hospital’s policies” said MPP Yurek. ” I was always assured that these issues were being addressed and that safety was the number one priority.”

“The escape of these two patients is very concerning. It is my expectation that a full investigation will be completed and the report will be shared with our community. The hospital needs to reassure the public that steps have been taken to ensure this failure in the system does not happen again” said MPP Yurek

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  1. Margaret McKnight

    and noticed patients have to go near highways- to soke — that’s possible how it happened – have seen people out there sitting on gruld soking wth no staff — look into hat

  2. Shirley Arthur

    Very scary to think they can just walk away whenever they want to.

  3. Judy Dwyer

    They need to change their smoking spot to a segregated area that is away from the highway its too close! I drive by there quite a bit and they are really too close to the road! Easy gettaway!