A New Year …..a New Beginning

Each year we start off with many dreams flowing through our minds, different intentions of what we would like to accomplish in this year. We also reflect on the year gone by, what we accomplished, but far to often what we didn’t accomplish. Does that sound familiar to you?

Far to often we start out with lots of energy at the beginning of the year, only to see that energy peter off, leaving us to watch what the world hands us. What happens? Where does the energy go? Why is it so easy to give up on our dreams?

Life is busy, we have a routine that we live in, a box, our comfort zone, what ever it is you want to call it. Making changes in those schedules or routines takes extra effort. Stepping out of the comfort zone makes us feel uncomfortable, vulnerable. The extra effort we make to create change in our life is met with fear, with doubt, and with our ego mind repeating “You don’t need to do this, this won’t work, you never finish anything anyway so why bother”. At this point many of us settle back into our comfort zones. Is any of this sounding like previous years to you? I know it has certainly run true for me.

Are you the type that looks at the latest trends and says, yes I think I would like to do that this year? Whether is be the latest exercise equipment, the newest gym membership, the newest diet, what ever is being marketed best. If so that may be the answer to why you run out of energy so quickly. Why you ask? The idea came from outside of you. You went looking for something that would motivate you, something that would make you happy out side of you. The trick of this is to look inside of you, ask yourself what you would like to accomplish this year, ask yourself what your dreams are…………and follow them.

Often times we look at our dreams/goals and say how can I have that today. How can I be the star of the show in just one day? When we don’t see the huge results, right away, for example Bon Jovi didn’t call right after our first guitar lesson, we start to loose sight of our goal. There are no short cuts to a place worth going. In order to maintain our motivation level we need to be realistic, we need to break down our goals into manageable steps. This way we can see progress along the way.

How do we deal with the fear or the doubt that comes up along the way? First off we need to recognize it for what it is. Acknowledge it, admit it, even go so far as to say it out loud. Then say yes, but, I am doing it anyway. I know there is a solution to this particular stumbling block and it will present itself. Trying to deny fear or doubt only makes it bigger. What we resist persists, so it is better to recognize it, accept it and move past it. In fact once we recognize it, fear gets scared, scared we will find a way around it. It will continue to come up, the thoughts, the feelings will continue, but if we can continue to move forward without becoming attached to them, we are on the right trail.

Sometimes we are better off to have someone in our life that we trust to keep us motivated and accountable to the steps we have said we are going to take. Our minds can talk us out of everything, we can easily succumb to our busy schedules if we don’t think anyone is watching. As soon as we know there is someone at the end of the day that is going to make us answer to our actions, our actions tend to change. Ask a friend or colleague if they will be your accountability guy/gal. This step may make you feel a little vulnerable, a little uncomfortable, but there is nothing wrong with being vulnerable, in fact we learn so much better in that space. We can also offer to do the same for them, make it like team work. There is also the option of paying a coach to help us through. A coach may see different avenues we can take, and can also help you through our blocks. What really matters is that we are moving forward, staying positive and staying motivated.

Our mind is a powerful tool, a tool we use very little of. When we train it to work for us there is not much that can stand in our way. When we allow it to work against us we create the only restrictions we have, which are those we place on ourselves. Build your energy to meet your goals and life your dreams………keep them alive, you can do it, the choice truly is yours.

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