Choosing to be Single

Choosing to be single

Why are so many people choosing to be single these days? Why is it that the single population is growing steadily? Why is it that the dating sites are making millions each year?

We come from a place of love and light. We come here to earth to share love and light. We come here to learn who we are through relationships. So why aren’t we having relationships? What is stopping us?

Yes, relationships hurt some times, hearts have been broken, and tears have been shed. Without hurt in our lives, we never change, we never grow, it seems that is the way with humans. Change lurks around chaos and pain. But why are so many people willing to close off the possibility of relationships just because they were hurt once or twice. Does it say more about the person? Relationships are a mirror for us to look in, a mirror for us to learn about ourselves, opportunities to heal our past wounds. Does this mean you have looked in the mirror and are uncomfortable with what you saw? Are you not willing to look at that part of you and accept it?

In order to be truly intimate in relationships (and no I am not talking about sex), one must first be intimate with themselves. In order to be supportive of another, we must first know where we are coming from. We must know and accept our inner truths, our good and our dark. But how can we if people are on date sites juggling 3-5 different dates a week? Is it that we are once again looking outside of ourselves for what is right inside of us. Is it that we are to afraid to look deep within us and heal that hurt. Is it easier to just forget the healing, and move on to the next date?

The year 20121 is all about a higher vibrational energy in the universe, that energy is love, It is creating opportunities for us to look within, to get ok and love who we are. We are meant to be moving to a higher consciousness of living and thinking, again based in love. How can we honestly do that when we are willing to lie, to manipulate another or walk away because there is someone else in line?

Maybe I am wrong. We can love others, we can love many, we can love our neighbors, maybe that is enough. Maybe that will change the human race, and the darkness here on earth. Maybe I am too old school. Maybe I am stuck in the past. One thing I do know is that following the masses rarely shows our individuality.

What happens when we come to a point in time when the greater number of people are not willing to look inside and find the love they are. What happens when it is way to easy to just go online and get a new date? What happens to the connection between people? Do we evolve to the Stepford’s, walking around with blank stares because we don’t know who we are anymore?

I have higher hopes that the masses will stop listening to their ego minds, stop checking to see if they have mail (because that makes them who they are), and start opening back up to true love relationships. I have hopes that they will start to look inside, start to heal the wounds left by past loves, and realize that true love really is available, and really is worth the effort. I have hopes that one by one people will start walking to their own beat, start leaving the masses. I have hope that they come to terms with the fact that they deserve so much more than a one night stand. I have hope that love will prevail.

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