Happiness……… Occupy Yourself

There has been a lot of media coverage on the “Occupy Wallstreet” situation. It is good to see citizens standing up and speaking their truth. Do you remember the people of Wisconsin standing up last year. It’s about time we stood together on what we care about, and I don’t see that this will be the last of it. This type of energy and awakening has been building over a few years now and will continue to build. We must keep one thing in mind though, we helped create the monster being protested.

Although these giant corporations have had too much power for too long, we have been handing it to them in exchange for things that we thought would make us happy. Yes, the pharmaceutical companies gave us the pills that seem to relieve the depressions, that allowed us to have better sex, that promised cures to diseases, that in the end had more side affects than our bodies could handle. But we thought we had to have them, and they told us we needed them, and were only too happy to oblige. The financial institutions that loaned us more money than we could ever pay back so that we could have the bigger houses, more toys and lets face it better looking bodies. That’s right, we have been handing them power over the years in order for us to feel like there was a spot where happiness lived.

The problem being that the more we chased that illusive happiness the more we needed their help. We thought we would be happy with a better house, more education, better sex drive, a bigger car, or boat. The more we had the more we wanted, simply because it was not filling that void within us. Happiness is not found outside of us. It is right inside of us and always has been since before our birth. As much as we need the masses to stand up and say enough is enough right now, relying on outside masses to deliver our happiness is our downfall.

Our personal happiness is our job, our responsibility, our choice. In order for me to be happy I must first chose to be, then think happy thoughts, do things that bring me happiness, and act happy. There is no special recipe, there are not any long list of rules, there is not anything outside of me that I need to have or do to create my happiness. There is no one I can pin this responsibility on, because once I do I give them the right to disappoint me, to make me unhappy.
My happiness has always been there, often hidden behind the daily stress and duties in life. In order for me to find it I have to go within myself, I have to “Occupy Myself”. I have to pay attention to how I feel, and be willing to stand up to anyone or anything that tries to stomp out my happiness. In fact this goes for anything in life, we always have it right within us, there is no need to look else where for anything. Material things may come to us from outside of us, perhaps from another person, but the energy that created it is within us. The source of everything is within each of us. When we start to fully occupy that space, imagine what the world would be like. That source is love, compassion and light.

If we had the masses that are occupying Wallstreet right now tapping in and tuning into that inner source of love and light can you see the difference we can make in the world. Like I said I think it’s great that people are standing up, being heard, now lets take it a step further and occupy ourselves for the greater good of all. Let’s point the finger back at each of us, and say I am responsible for my own happiness, I am now going to take on that responsibility.

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