Junk Food Aisle

I don’t have to think twice when it comes to wondering why I don’t like going into grocery stores at this time of year. Back to school junk food products seem to invade almost every aisle. I know this is a fast paced world we live in, but there is no food in the food we are sending to school with our children.

As adults we know we need good nutrition in our bodies to be able to concentrate and learn at a high level. We know that fresh fruits and vegetables are what fuel our bodies and keep them running at optimum levels. We also know that foods high in fats run down our adrenal glands, slow the rate of our blood flow, and generally tire our bodies out. So why are we willing to fill our children’s lunches with this junk?

These companies are so good at marketing, they know that lunch and snack time is a social time as well. They know children watch what each other has in their lunch, in fact it has long been a source of bullying in the school yard. It seems the children have more of a say in what is purchased for the lunch pail than the adults do. None of us want our children to feel uncool because of what we put in their lunch. None of us want our children to be picked on because we care about the nutritional value of their lunch.

There comes a time when we have to decide that we are the adults, we are the ones that are going to make the decision to pack a nutritionally balanced lunch. There is much education surrounding this subject, for both children and adults. I hear people saying it is more expensive to eat nutritionally. Have you actually seen the prices of this packaged junk we offer our kids? Not to mention the low nutritional value of the product means it doesn’t feed the body properly so it is actually hungry more often, therefore requiring more of the junk.

In order for a body to be in balance for proper learning a person needs to avoid sugar and fats, these substances in food create highs and lows in the body. When the sugar level drops the brain can not absorb information properly because it is not balanced. The fat in these products is making the body work harder to digest them therefor taking away from the focus on learning.

A healthy balanced diet allows a child to feel full, allows the body to function properly therefore giving more focus to learning at a higher level. It may take a little more time to prepare a healthy lunch, but the time spent is well worth the effort for the whole family. A good motto to keep in mind is to eat more that grows on a plant rather than what is made in a plant. To keep the process of making lunches a little lighter keep your thoughts about it lighter. Yes, it’s time consuming, but putting the love into it for your child’s sake will help to turn a tedious task into one you can enjoy. You can also try delegating tasks to other family members to get them involved in the lunch making process. It doesn’t have to be a task, it can be a joy, simply by changing the thought process.

Can you imagine being a teacher in class mid afternoon with a class room of kids that have been high on sugar and fatty foods? No wonder there is an increase in children on ritalin and other such drugs. Many of these issues could be solved with proper nutrition. Children are sensitive to the additives that are put in these low quality products, but instead of looking at the food, it is easier to put them on a drug to quiet them down.

I encourage you, next time you go lunch shopping, please, read the labels of what is really being put in this food you are sending to school with your children. Ask yourself if you are really doing their bodies any favors. Are you aiding in their education by sending them with this junk food. When it comes to buying fruits and vegetables, there are no labels to read, its all pure, right from mother earth. The decision should be pretty easy to make.

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