New Energy – Old Energy

Are you in a space where confusion seems to rule lately? Has something ended in your life, or needs to end, and you’re just not sure what to think or where to turn?

The Universal energy of last week was very powerful with the full moon on Thursday and then 11-11-11 on Friday. Many are still feeling the affects of this energy. You may be feeling down in the dumps, achy, emotional, all of these are very normal, it’s not just you. The energies will balance out in time. For now , follow what your heart is telling you. Take time to rest, eat proper meals, and drink plenty of water. Look after yourself and honor how you feel.

For those of us that have experienced an ending, or a loss, give yourself permission to feel the way you feel without becoming a victim to the situation. It is important or us to feel our feelings. Many of us have been taught that “we shouldn’t feel that way”, or even worse, to push those feelings down. By not feeling our feelings we are creating energetic baggage to carry around, which in turn blocks new people and opportunities from coming into our lives. As you feel your feelings you will be able to release them. Do what you need to do in order to move past them, for some that may mean Journaling, or mediation, for others it may be exercise or getting into a creative project. Once we feel the feeling allow yourself to let it go. Have faith that there is good reason for what is happening in your life.

We tend to want to stay stuck in our situations, but if we pay very close attention, spirit is nudging us forward. Truly, our only real job here is to follow that nudge. What we need at every moment will be placed in front of us. The more we look back at what has just ended in our lives, the longer we stay in that energy. Everyone heals differently and at their own pace, but everyone has a choice of how long they look at a closed door. We can not rush our healing process, yet we can certainly stand in it’s way.

Although you may be at a point where you can not see the door that has opened, you can continually remind yourself to seek the breeze that enters through it. If you feel as though you are in the fog, know that it is ok, and remind yourself that this to will pass. Look for and reach for the next best feeling. You can even make a game out of climbing the emotional ladder. If you seek peace you will find it, if you seek misery, you will be sure to find it as well.

There are some of us that feel it is important to be strong for others, we want to spare their feelings. Often times ths is an excuse to either be a martyr or ignore our feelings. This practice usually results in building walls around ourselves so that the next situation doesn’t affect us as much. When faced with the choice here are a few things to keep in mind:
1. It is easier to build walls than it is to take them down, and,
2. You can never be strong enough that another person can spare their feelings.(we all have them and we all need to feel them).
Being honest with ourselves is the most important gift we can give ourselves at these times.

With change comes chaos, we have either stepped out of, or in some cases, been booted out of our comfort zones. We were used to our life, we knew what to expect, and how to deal with it. Keep in mind this recent boot from the universe is for our highest and best good. It truly is a chance for each and everyone of us to grow. We are growing, not only on a personal level, but also on a global level. Continuously coming together as one. There is new light and new love in the world, with that old ideals and situations have to be released. You have a choice of going with the flow, being a part of the one, or being stuck in the old and left behind.

This new love and light is available to each and everyone of us, to help us with the healing, to help us with releasing the old. We simply have to step into the flow. If you notice our choices in life are becoming more conscious, we are more aware of what we want, and more aware of the changes we need to make in the world. We are also finding it more and more difficult to ignore what it is we need to do in our lives. We are becoming part of the change we want to see. We are becoming aware that the old is just not what we can accept anymore. We are on a path to the new. Along that path, there will be times of discomfort, acknowledge that, accept that, and move forward. You are not alone in this journey.

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