Tis the Season…………..Tips for a Stress Free Holiday Season

T’is the season to ready, set, run. That’s right, the time of the year when the women of the household(and in some it is the man) get an extra huge dump of responsibilities heaped on them. The shopping for the gifts, the wrapping, the grocery shopping, the cleaning, the baking, the cooking. Can you feel your stress monitor rising already?

Don’t panic, we are a month away, there is plenty of time, and I am here to give you some tips to help you through it all with money, time and energy to spare. It can all be done easily and effortlessly if that is what we intend.

So here are a few tips, and the first one is breath, that’s right, long slow deep breaths will slow everything down and bring you back into focus. At this time of year it is a very good idea to have a list, and try sticking to the list. I can hear you now, looking at your list, seeing everything on there and saying how am I going to get all of that done. To that I say, break it down, don’t look at the whole list at once. Take what you can do each day and work at that. Try grouping things together that you can get in the same area of town, or same shopping area. Look at what jumps out at you and inspires you and do them. When working with long lists, take the “should” out of what you are doing. Changing your thoughts surrounding what you are doing sure changes the effort you have to put into completing it. Instead of beating yourself up for what you are not doing, enjoy what you are doing, this will bring forth motivation to do more.

Make some of your trips out to shop a social event, plan to meet a friend for coffee or a quick dinner. This will break up a long day, give you time to sit down and relax, as well as make it fun and give you something to look forward to while doing your running around. Make the meeting light and fun, keep it positive and focused on anything other than all the things you still have to do. If anything use the last few minutes to reorganize yourself to get back to the list.

Our thoughts are creating our reality. Keep your thoughts positive, and focused on the positive, this will create positive emotions and feelings about what you are doing, which in turn will create positive experiences.

Each morning when you wake up, set an intention for the day, and repeat a matching positive affirmation to it. For example, I intend to have fun completing 6 items off my list. Affirm that by saying, I am completely capable of having fun while effortlessly completing tasks on my list. Everything I need is easily found, and is on sale. The aisle are clear and line ups are short. I love these kinda shopping days These types of affirmations help you create these types of experiences.

When it comes to money, many people stress about how they will be able to pay for everything, where will the extra money come from and how will they pay their bills as well. This type of thinking comes from a place of fear. It is focused on the lack of money, it is focused on what you don’t have. Turn those thinking patterns around to a knowing that you have more than enough money for everything you want and need. This isn’t easy, but with practice you can do it. It’s about letting go of old thinking patterns. See yourself surrounded with lots of money, see all your bills paid, see money floating to you and sticking to you. That type of thinking will attract money to you. It will also attract you to the right stores where you will save money.

Learn to delegate to others, you are not the only one in the household, you don’t have to take it all on yourself. Make a list for each person in the house. Keep them accountable for completing it. Sometimes this means accepting a little less than a perfect job, but at least the job is done. This gives others an opportunity to step up to the plate and experience responsibility as well as be a part of it all.

Taking time to nurture yourself and recharge your batteries will save you energy and effort in the end. When you allow yourself to run on empty we end up developing anger or resentments, both of which are heavy energies. Carrying these heavy energies around with you throughout the day means that everything you do takes more effort, more energy, and wears you out even more. Give yourself the time and permission to look after you. Try clearing your mind and meditating even for 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening. Take long hot salt baths, eat healthy meals, take a bit of time to exercise and take in some fresh air. All of these seem to be things you don’t have time for, but in the end, doing them creates more time and space in your day. Look after you and the rest will look after itself.

Now to have fun tackling the baking. How about asking a few friends over to help. Increase the batch sizes so that everyone has some to take home. Have everyone bring the ingredients to a few of their favorite cookies, then have fun doing the baking together. Another good idea to break up some of the baking is to stop at church bazar’s and bake sales. This way you can add a bit of variety without a lot of effort or money.

Call upon your angels to help you get everything done, they will even help you find perfect parking spaces if you ask. You can ask the angels to help you with anything, they are already there just waiting to help you out. When you are feeling stress ask them to beautify your thoughts. When you are needing the house cleaned ask them to help you beautiful your surroundings. They really will help with anything you ask.

This season is all about love, giving from the heart, and seeing the love in everyone and everything. When we do all of the arrangements and jobs leading up to the holidays from a place of love, the special times are more enveloped with love. Have a safe and happy holiday season.

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