Why, Why, Why, Why, Why

When we first learn to speak one of the first questions we ask is “why”. The way I see things now, there is great reason why that is so. As we grow and learn our human brain turns to asking “how”, which puts a whole different energy on any given situation.

The process of bringing our dreams to life has much to do with these two very simple questions. When we are in our dream, seeing it as a movie running through our mind and allowing the excitement to fill our bodies, we are in a space of higher guidance. We can feel all the reasons why we want to do this, why we want to live this dream, we may even see some of the first few steps we can take, or why this idea would benefit the world around us. Upon awakening from our dream state, often our first question, which comes from a very different part of the brain is “how” will I ever accomplish that? The “how” is what stops us in our tracks. It actually comes from a place of fear.

When working with the Law of Attraction, or working towards our dreams, what we learn is that the “how” is none of our business. The Laws of the Universe state that what you ask for you will receive, and it is very exact, so be careful what you ask for. The Law does not state, what you ask for you will have to figure out how to accomplish. There are several Laws that are within the Law of Attraction, which are all interconnected. The basis of the Laws are the energy level you are able to hold and carry over a period of time, while staying focused on exactly what it is you want.

When we ask the question why, it opens us to all sorts of possibilities, it fills our hearts and minds with the high vibrational energy that can bring that dream to us quicker. We can and should even expand our thinking of why, so that it includes other people, other products, simplifies life, helps the environment, assists children, why, why, why, is this such a good idea. Can you see, and feel how this type of thinking can raise your energy level and keep it high during the manifesting period? Can you see how this type of thinking can propel you forward towards your goals and dreams. Simply ask your self, remind me why I am doing this???? It will put you back on track.

The road to our dreams is not always a quick one, or an easy one to travel, we may get stuck in spots, we get tired, or energy wares thin. This is when the question “how” is very harmful to our path. We get stuck in a certain spot, or step and sit for a period of time wondering how we can get past this hurdle. This simple question will keep us stuck at that stage of the game for as long as we allow it. The question how seems so closed, it’s like you are staring at a wall that you can’t seem to climb, like the doors and windows are all shut. It even holds a different energy than why. Try saying the two words and feeling how your body feels with each one.

It is only when we can move back to the “why” that we can shift energy enough to open up more possible ways to move forward. Look at the letter Y, see how the top is open, it is open to possibilities and guidance. Keep your mind open, is what it reminds me of. The bigger I can make that Y, the smaller and more insignificant the “how” becomes. When I can focus on that Y, I am back in dream land and things start flowing to me again. I have let go of the expectations of when or how or what my dream will look like and simply allowed it to manifest.
A great tip to remember when working at building dreams or bringing good things into your life, the bigger the “why” the smaller the “how”. Enjoy the journey.

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