Positive Energy?

682766_20272979Natural Cures for Tics and Tourette Syndrome is the title of a book I had on hold at the library for a few weeks and was actually looking forward to reading. Disappointed! What childhood disorder are they NOT going to attribute to video games, red food dye and vaccinations? It is hard to hear another testimonial from a parent who is sure that the MMR vaccine caused their kid’s autism. How many vetted journal articles do you have to read until you accept that there is absolutely no causal link between the MMR vaccine and Autism??? But I digress.

I have watched YouTube videos of other parents of kids with TS to see what they are doing and one woman actually spends over $500 US dollars on herbal supplements and vitamins. As she is pulling each item from the shopping bag she goes on to say that none of them have really shown any marked improvement in her son’s symptoms but it “couldn’t hurt”. I couldn’t help but wonder what her son would have to say about that. He can’t love his gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar free existence when he is at his little league pizza and pool party and all the other kids are swimming in the sugar pit and making cheese angels. I imagine giving up gluten and dairy wouldn’t be all that much of a sacrifice if it made a difference in the number of symptoms you experience but, they aren’t so why are we holding on to these theories that don’t hold up under scientific scrutiny and evidence to the contrary?

Let’s wade into even murkier waters.

Wait! Hold up. Disclaimer: I practice yoga. I meditate. I pray and I believe that we have untapped personal resources that could be used to dramatically reduce our personal suffering and improve the quality of our lives. In fact, studies on the healing power of prayer concluded that the person who is being prayed for does not even need to know that people are praying for them for positive effect. This positive effect is statistically greater than those people who do not have people praying for them. I even hold the belief that the placebo effect is not really a “placebo” but our minds’ ability to convince ourselves of just about anything as long as we truly believe in it. Now, hopefully this deters those who would take offence to my opinion using the ‘she’s just a bitter, negative person who likes to bitch and moan’ argument. I do enjoy a good bitch and a moan from time to time but I believe in . . .stuff. Let’s just leave it at ‘stuff’ for now because the stuff isn’t really relevant to this blog.

So here is it. Murky water time.

I have had people offer to do some “energy work” on my son. Now let me also say that the people who offer to do this are coming from a place of pure intentions. They really think this is going to work but what they are forgetting is that I am . . . .skeptical at best. I can only imagine what my 15 year old son would say if I brought home a well meaning hippie who asked him to sit under their hand constructed power pyramid while they placed crystals around the perimeter to absorb his tics. Show me it works. Give me some sort of rational explanation for why a crystal would be the cure for TS. Is it just an alternate way of prayer? Many criticisms of the prayer studies have always stemmed from the largely Judeo-Christian definition of prayer. Do crystals have some sort of elemental properties that can heal people? Just give me one valid reason and perhaps I can be persuaded to consider ‘energy work’. (Except that the words ‘energy work’ evoke a visceral response in me every time I hear them that is not unlike that feeling you get when you know a stranger is walking too quickly behind you in the dark.)

But then what do I know? Maybe I am just a jaded Jude.

And maybe I don’t need to believe in it for it to work. Much like the people who don’t know they are being prayed for. Blurg.

Jude out.

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