You Best Trekgonize

Only four more sleeps to the big day. March 24, 2013 will be the 5th annual Trek for Tourette at John Paul II High School located at 1300 Oxford Street East in London, Ontario. I took on the responsibility of hosting this event and I am in that delusional I-am-totally-prepared-nothing-I-can-do-until-the-day-of mindset right now. This will undoubtedly be replaced with blinding anxiety and a controlled internal frenzy by Friday night when I realize I have not been able to secure a radio station to cover the event, I don’t have a corporate sponsor to provide essential items, I don’t have enough folding tables, table covers, water bottles or Paxil. The water is for the Trekkers. The Paxil is for me.

And then. . . I just received this little gift from the universe. “LET IT GO” I worked hard. Made 40 hundred phone calls and sent even more emails. I will have my family and friends there to show their continued support and for this being my first ever event hosting I will live and learn for next time. Maybe a next time!! Wait, that wasn’t an statement of intent. Paxil please.

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