Find your TRU self.

Tru Hot YogaTruHot Yoga literally is the HOT spot in town. They are located at the HOMEDALE plaza, 24 Churchill Crescent. They feature a tasteful decor, showers, large change rooms, a communal waiting area featuring free beverages and the yoga studio itself is comfortable and relaxing.

Coming from a non-athletic background I was more than a little apprehensive about attending a class. What if I wear the wrong thing? What if I am the only one sweating? What do I need to bring? I mean it sure looks easy enough, stand, stretch, bend, repeat…but what if I can’t do it. What if I fall over? I figured the only way I would get the answers to those questions was to just do it! (Special thanks to Nike for helping me with the wording of that last statement!)

I decided I would attend the Karma Yoga class held Friday nights at 7:00 pm. TruHot Yoga charges $7.00 for these classes and they donate the funds raised through karma classes to benefit The St.Thomas Elgin General Hospital Foundation and The Olive Tree Yoga Foundation. Karma Baby….you get what you give!

I arrived with not much time to spare (they recommend you arrive 10-15 minutes before class) The girls running the front desk were so understanding, I didn’t have any idea what I needed, they reassured me, gave me a yoga mat and yoga towel and ushered me into the class with 5 minutes to spare.

I laid out the mat and towel and took a place close to the wall, water bottle close to hand and I waited patiently for the class to begin. Laying on the comfortable mat in the hot room was very relaxing in itself. The class was easy to follow, even though I didn’t know some of the Yoga terms they were using. As the class progressed we were reminded to drink water when we needed it, to only do the poses you can comfortably do and listen to your body.

Towards the end of the class, it was noticeably HOT. EVERYONE was sweating, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. The class ended as it began with everyone laying on their mats relaxing but this time in a more self satisfied way. I made it through the class! I did have to take a couple of short breaks, I did have some difficulty with some of the poses but I DID IT! And I loved it.
After the class, I felt invigorated not worn out. I felt dare I say … serene. I did wonder if it was maybe a bit of a waste of time. Other than sweating a great deal I didn’t feel as though I had “worked out”. I mean I didn’t hate ever second, I didn’t feel like I had to strain to complete the class. Surely I was doing it wrong. Exercise sucks…this didn’t.

I slept well that night and in the morning although my mind hadn’t registered that I had done a work out, my body certainly did. My core muscles felt slightly more taught, my legs a tad firmer, I felt less…slouchy. I was aware of my breath and my posture. But I didn’t hurt, it felt as if I accomplished something. It was then I realized I was hooked. I didn’t hate exercise after all…l I just hadn’t found the exercise that didn’t hate me.

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