My Friend Ed

Ed McDadeWhen you lose someone who is very close to you, the grief you feel is understandable and sometimes even welcome, especially when the person you lose has fought a long hard battle. As I sit here and write this, a profound sadness fills my heart. My friend Ed McDade has passed away, and although I had been preparing myself for this eventuality its arrival has come none the less too soon.

I started talking to Ed on Facebook a few years ago, and met him in person while planning for the first “Wish Upon a Song” event at Quai Du Vin in 2011. I was suitably impressed that an individual living with cancer could care so much that he would help fundraise for someone else fighting this battle. In a short period of time I came to love Ed’s attitude towards living with cancer.

You just have to live.

I could go on and on about how good he was, or how strong he was, and how much his family and friends meant to him, but if you knew Ed, I might as well be preaching to the choir.

I am going to miss Ed, but not because he was a big part of my life. To be honest he wasn’t. But Ed was part of my life when ever I needed him to be. He made me feel as if I were a near and dear friend, as if I were a part of his everyday life and I honestly wish I could have been.

I know we are all wishing that he is resting in peace, but knowing Ed…He’s taking names and kicking butt up in heaven. He won’t stand for people being useless, and standing around doing nothing. He will be reunited, with friends and family who have passed, having a good chin wag and making sure they are up to date with the things that have been going on down here. At least that’s what I imagine what the Ed I know is doing…that and watching over Faith with a love so strong she might actually be able to feel it!

My heart goes out to Ed’s Family. I know his sisters and those McDade women are as equally strong (or is that stubborn???) as Ed. I know this is going to be a difficult time for them and the rest of the family. I feel for Faith, I hope she has inherited this McDade trait and that she understands that there are so many people there for her.

Many feel they have lost a good friend, someone to look up to, an everyday hero. But Ed is not lost, he is with us all.

Remember that guy that gave up…neither does anyone else.

We will remember Ed!

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