New Sponsor – Pantybypost

I would like to introduce you to one of our new sponsors.

I have been fortunate enough to win a subscription to panty by post and had recently watched them strut their stuff on Dragons’ Den. I really like this company and what they are trying to achieve, so I contacted them about advertising on the blog.

Currently revenue for the blog is generated by the ads you see on the main blog (not on the facebook page, facebook gets paid for those). We get pennies a day on a good day and it currently takes us over a year to make $100. With our current advertising model we don’t necessarily get to choose who we promote with those ads and the money we finally earn doesn’t even cover the cost of running the blog or the time and effort that goes into it…but we love the blog anyway, and for what its worth it makes us feel that we are contributing “something” to our community. Our plan with the blog has never been to get rich and in case you are wondering, so far we are right on target!

As you may know (from my failed attempt to run a retail store) that I strongly support the self employed person, the entrepreneur, or the person who gets those ideas that are crazy enough that they just might work. Most ventures require you to have a ever growing customer base, so you need to be able to connect with new people all the time. I also know advertising can cost and arm and a leg and you don’t always get a decent return on your investment. So in an attempt to create a mutually beneficial relationship, I love my panties so much I asked to be paid in underwear! You read that right! Undies…. I love my panties so much I want to wear a pair every day…not just on special occasions. I really believe they offer a unique and fun service worth sharing with you. The great thing is they ship world wide!!! How cool is that!

You will see their ads appearing on the main blog from time to time and we are assured they are all as tasty..I mean…as tastefully done as the image above. They have packages for men or women in a range of cuts and styles. Great for a Birthday, Anniversary, Holidays (like VALENTINES day *hint hint*) or just because you want to surprise a certain someone or treat yourself to an affordable luxury!

So if you are interested in a subscription, we respectfully request that you click on the ad on the website to visit their site and consider a subscription or at least sharing the panty by post website or facebook page with friends. By using their ad on our page, if you choose to subscribe, we will look like Tom Jones at the end of a concert, covered in knickers!

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