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There, I’ve said it out loud, or at least put it on paper and I’m still typing!

Talking about it, death, won’t make it happen. Just like ignoring it, death, won’t make it go away. It comes to all of us eventually – even though we’d rather ignore the fact, keep it quiet, or maybe discuss it another day.

It is an issue that should be brought out in the open, talked about, and planned for. We as a society put more thought into planning our vacations than we do about planning for our own last send off.

Why we leave that gigantic burden to the people we love the most, our families, is beyond my understanding.

Pre-planning your final wishes will save your family pain, confusion and uncertainty during one of the most difficult times in their lives.

I have noticed over the years of serving my community that families who have discussed their final arrangements in advance, have coped much better. It’s not that the family grieves any less, they will however have less of a burden during such an emotional time.

When you pre-arrange your funeral with a licensed funeral director, there is a plan kept on file which outlines your wishes and makes the process easier for your family at the time of need. The funeral establishment will oversee the legalities and the funeral, leaving your family better able to focus on each other and on honouring your memory.

One of the most important things to remember is – there is no cost to preplan (also known as pre-arrange) your funeral.

If you choose to prepay however, a prepaid contract drawn by a licensed funeral director guarantees your wishes. The funds are registered in your name; ensuring that it is used for the purpose of your funeral. Prepaid funds are regulated by the provincial government and monitored by the Board of Funeral Services.

From the moment the contract is signed until it is redeemed, the funeral plan generates tax free interest, which helps offset the cost of inflation. Any excess funds go to the beneficiary or the estate, or can be used to pay for things like flowers or catering.

If you have an investment (like a G.I.C., or a term life insurance policy) that is up for renewal, why not consider re-investing it where it will do the most good? If YOU take care if it today, your family won’t have to down the road.

We’ll look at preplanning and prepaying in greater detail in a future blog. For now, pat yourself on the back – you made it to the end of the article …. and all is well!


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