So things have changed … now what?

As your life circumstances change, so can your funeral pre-arrangements. In fact, it is prudent to review your pre-arrangements every 5 to 0 years to ensure your plan still makes sense for you and your family. Changes can only be made by you, as the contract is between you and the Funeral Establishment.

That being said, here is something very important to understand. ALL pre-arranged and/or prepaid funeral plans are completely transferable in Canada. Contrary to what many people believe, you are not locked in to one particular funeral home. If you have made your arrangements with Bob’s Funeral Home in Winnipeg, and you move to Toronto – you can choose a funeral establishment near you and have everything transferred to that home.

Likewise … let’s say you have lived in the same city all your life, and maybe your whole family has always gone to Funeral Home ‘F’. You chose to make your prearrangements with them, or maybe you’ve even prepaid your whole funeral there too. Time passes, and one day you wake up and realize you’d rather have Funeral Home ‘A’ take care of you and your loved ones when the time comes. Now what?!

Well, it’s as easy as going to Funeral Home ‘A’ and expressing your desire to transfer to them. Funeral Home ‘A’ will take care of everything for you. In choosing to transfer to the Shawn Jackson Funeral Home for example, all paperwork is prepared for you, and your prepaid funds will be transferred to and invested with Guaranteed Funeral Deposits of Canada (a government regulated and monitored, pre-need investment organization). Any additional arrangements can be updated and placed in your confidential file at the funeral home for future use. Remember there is no cost to transfer and any arrangements can be changed whenever you wish.

You may be surprised to know that by transferring your prepaid funeral to the Shawn Jackson Funeral Home, you may even qualify to get money back.

The most important thing to remember is that you are NOT LOCKED IN to any funeral establishment. You can transfer your arrangements anywhere, at any time.

Contact Shawn Jackson at 31 Elgin Street in St. Thomas (519-631-0570) for help in making your arrangements and your transfers. Whether you want a traditional funeral with burial, a memorial service after cremation, scattering gardens option, organ donations, or body bequeathals to science – we offer a complete range of personalized services in a modern, bright, fully accessible facility. Today is a good day to make a change for the better!

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