Deni Gauthier at The St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Center

Celebrating the release of his new album, I (am) hope, Deni Gauthier played an intimate gig at our local Art Center last night. A maximum capacity crowd enjoyed a great night of music from not only Deni but also the opening act of Jon Jeffery and his lovely wife, Cara Lee.

Opening up with a very recently song dedicated to his wife, Jon Jeffery with only an acoustic guitar for accompaniment, played a number of original songs, being joined by Cara Lee on backing vocals after the first song. While only on stage for about half an hour, Jon Jeffery made each song count. Cara Lee on backup vocals was totally complimentary, with the combination of voices filling any spaces in the music that the acoustic guitar couldn’t fill. A very good opening act, and one that will have created more fans of their music.

With the crowd nicely warmed up, Deni Gauthier took the stage, backed by a full band. For long time fans of Deni‘s music, the first couple of tracks were instantly recognizable, with songs such as It’s Been A Long Time and his excellent cover of U2’s One. With his songs flowing nicely, Deni began to perform the songs from his new album, I (am) hope,  in order. It can always be a challenge for an artist to play brand new songs that are unknown to the audience but with the tight backing band, each song appeared to be instantly accepted and enjoyed by the enthusiastic crowd. The set seemed to be over too quickly as Deni completed the night with a cover of Bruce Hornsby‘s That’s just the way it is. So many good songs were played tonight and everyone left with a big smile on their face.

A good indicator of the local music scene was not only the talent on the stage but with local musicians Traci Kennedy and Michael Krahn in attendance, the future of local music is looking very good indeed.

A word about the venue itself. The staff of The St. ThomasElgin Public Art Center did a great job of not only setting up the space for the show but being accessible and friendly. The overall atmosphere was very conducive to a memorable night and one that will have generated more fans of both acts on stage.

You can buy Deni‘s new album here on iTunes

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