Rumour has it…

Rumour has it that Colin Farrell is secreted away in some St.Thomas location filming the movie Total Recall. Yes I am that star struck and that juvenille that I want to know and maybe even sneek a peek of him.

I am pretty confident that he wouldn’t get far in St.T without being recognised! I mean…just look at him!

In the movie total recall Colin’s character plays a factory worker…Maybe this explains the strange acting birds over Prestran that one blog reader inquired about earlier???

If anyone sees Colin,  approch him with caution then kidnap him and bring him over to our house for a BBQ and some drinks!!!


  1. Well, did he or didn’t he? Where was the location? Anybody know?

  2. Apprently they are filming at Formet during shut down…which is right about now!!! Anyone with connections or any gossip that they can share let us know…And if someone can get an Autograph from Colin to Julie…I will do something really kind in return!!! (what that would be I have no idea…but I will think of something!!!)*lol*

  3. Several skids of gray paint in the GM section of the plant. Rumour from the plant is that robots will be painted gray on Friday and repainted original colours after filming is done.

  4. He is shooting with Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale in Toronto right now for the same movie. Any word if the will be coming also?