A lizard by any other name…

We have all heard of the island paradise that is St.Thomas Virgin Islands, but coming soon is an island paradise located in St.Thomas Ontario.

Once opened you will be able to have a  “staycation” away from the ordinary by visiting Kenny Iguana‘s.

This isn’t going to be  just a typical bar that serves food.  It is a whole new concept in night life where you can have a meal with friends, then sit back and listen to live music while having a drink or two.

We stoppedy by for a sneek peek and were really floored by the changes that have taken place inside. It is so much more than a new coat of paint. The space is seamlessly divided into “zones” depending on what your main reason for coming out is,  but its not so obvious that you would notice. The layout lends itself to accommodate both a stage for performers and a dining area so that neither seems out of place.  At the back towards the patio the large bar which is almost the full width of the space looks as though it is ready to accomodate any size crowd. You shouldn’t have to wait long for a tasty beverage here.

Geared towards the over 25 crowd some of the rumours seem to confirm this notion.  A martini bar,  and a place for the lounge lizards to gather are two of the unique features I have yet to see in a St.Thomas establishment,  I am assured that the menu will be affordable even if some of the ingredients and the style of the food will lend itself to a much more upscale feel than the price suggests.  Sunday Brunch Kenny Iguana‘s style promises to be spectacularly served up with a side order of live music featuring songs to please a wide range of musical tastes and I suspect there will be many more things to set Kenny Iguana‘s apart.

I can’t wait to give Kenny Iguana‘s a try. It may be my new favourite brunch stop, night spot (but don’t ask for hip hop), place to go in town. I am in love with the ideas coming out of there and all that is left is for the doors to swing on open and welcome St.Thomas in.

And although I have a super cool picture of the inside to show you….I can’t seem to locate my USB connector at the moment, so it will have to wait until I have more gossip!

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  1. I am proud to be one of the staff members at this fantastic establishment and I can’t wait to see the publics reaction to it! I know you will all thoroughly enjoy it!

  2. Rebekah Ryersee

    OOOOOooooooooo! You all are gonna love it!

  3. Who would i talk to to try and get a timeslot to dj?

  4. Can’t wait to check it out! It will be so nice to have a place in town to go to that caters to those of us who are a little.. hmmm.. older. lol

  5. Cant wait for the grand opening Kenny

  6. Sorry i will miss the Grand opening but certainly looking forward to dropping in when we Visit St Thomas latter this summer . Kudos Kenny you have done everyone proud …. Keep up the hard work…. See you latter on in the summer…

  7. Hi Kenny, i know if you are looking for live or recorded music I know you will go with the best. Good luck on your endeavour and if you ever need a helping hand to get you through you know I will be there for you.
    We can do your off nights and create a different type of buzz if you so desire.
    We are not just another d.j.company
    We entertain!

  8. Ken – all the best man – this seems like something that totally takes advantage of those sparks of genius I remember you displaying so often in high school! Will love to come in and hear some live blues (and RIP Clarence Clemmons),,,anyway, cool, see you lizarding sometime soon!

  9. Thanks for your post Julie. I am actually from Toronto, and love travelling to small towns and seeing what they offer for nightlife and dining. I will check it out later tonight July 23. And let you know what I think.

    Kippis, Erik

  10. Had an awesome time at the bar. As an out of towner I wasn’t sure what to expect, and just wished we had an establishment in Toronto that has what Kenny Iguana’s offers. Jeff cooked the best Quesadilla that I ever had, and had to go back the next day for the Sunday buffet, nothing but fresh and tasty food. I look forward to visiting St. Thomas again very soon. Thanks for the awesome experience St. Thomas and Jeff.