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Today I went to the Animal Aide at the Elgin Mall. I’ve always had pets growing up, so when I was asked to  take some photos, I jumped at it.

Founded in 1993 from a partnership of two households, Animal Aide is a non-profit, no-kill organization of adoptable animals, funded from adoptions and donations and staffed entirely by volunteers. All donations are used to purchase food and supplies and to pay for veterinary expenses. Additional donations of food and supplies are solicited from pet food suppliers, local businesses and private individuals.

The mission of Animal Aide is to assist the stray and unwanted animals of Elgin County by providing foster care in members’ homes, complete medical care for our animals and adoptions to carefully chosen new homes. Animal Aide performs liaison activities with other animal care and shelter facilities, as well as community awareness and fundraising activities.

Along with coming to see the cat’s, there are other goodies for sales to help support Animal Aide.

Jason Turner from Under The Umbrella has  31 pieces of his stained glass are there for sale and 25% is going from the sale of each piece to Animal Aide.

and Patricia Bacon from Tabby’s Treasures has a gift shop to support Animal Aide. Here’s a sample of her products.

Although there was no ‘cat walk’ to showcase the cute kats, this slideshow will have to do.

[[Show as slideshow]]

Come in and find your new best friend.

April 13th – 17th

10:00am – 4:00pm

If this is highly successful, they will be looking at doing this as frequently as we can, or until that location is leased.

Thank you for reading this, and we all hope to see you.


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  1. Animal Aide’s and Tabby’s Treasures stay at Elgin Mall has just been extended to Wednesday, April 20th.