Cross-Country Bike Ride for At-Risk Youth

A man from Ontario will finish his cross-country bike ride here this weekend. Derek Shirley began this ride in Vancouver on April 16th, and pulls into St. John’s on Sunday. Shirley is with the It Takes Two Leadership Institute in St. Thomas, Ontario. His bike tour, the Making Wow Tour, is meant to promote youth leadership, and raise money and awareness for at-risk youth. He says his reason for doing it hits close to home.

His friend’s son committed suicide in December.

Shirley says another reason he’s riding is because the institute will launch its Tandem Bike Ride for Youth At Risk next year. Police officers and at-risk youth will ride together to promote awareness, and he’s doing some of the legwork on his current bike tour.

He says he’s connecting with police across the country to get support for the idea.

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