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The Elgin Military Museum is located just past Jumbo on Talbot Street and perhaps you have driven passed it without realising exactly what it is. If you pull into the parking lot you get a hint as you see two personnel carriers sat there. Try to avoid driving over Sidney when you do pull in but make sure you say hello to him afterwards.

From the war of 1812 to modern day, the Elgin Military Museum has information and exhibts that covers it all. It has information on nearly any medal you can think of. Iron Cross? Purple Heart? Victoria Cross? you came to the right place. There is even a section of the museum where medals have been donates by local families.

It is a little awe inspiring when you realise just how much information is at hand here. Everything from a World War One trench reconstruction to a room dedicated to the navy, all the way to a submarine section that kids can play in. There is even a glimpse as to how life in Canada was during the 1940s.

What you can’t find by yourself, the friendly and incredibly knowledgable staff can help you. Their expertise seems to have no bounds and a long period of time can be lost just enjoying conversations.

Not only does the museum have many incredible displays but it also is the go to place for anyone look for information on a relative or ancestor who was in the Canadian Military. The sheer amount of reference material staggers the mind.

As well as all that, the museum is also behind Project Ojibwa, the latest endeavour to bring a full size submarine to Port Burwell. Once mounted, visitors will be able to walk through HMCS Ojibwa and understand what it must be like to sail beneath the waves.

Go visit the Elgin Military Museum. It would be a shame if you didn’t.

30 Talbot Street
St. Thomas, Ontario
Canada N5P 1A3


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