Frosty's Military Surplus

We had driven by Frosty’s Military Surplus store,on Talbot Line, hundreds of times yet today, we stopped in. Part of the reason is that we are in the midst of planning for next years Relay for Life and are already looking for parts and pieces to make our team the coolest. If you can’t guess from the above then I might as well let the cat out of the bag, yes, we are going to replicate The Swamp from M*A*S*H, right down to the uniforms, military shovel, tent, and even the still. Another reason we stopped in today is that since I was a small boy I have loved these kinds of stores.

I grew up in the UK and many military surplus stores also carried camping and hiking supplies. I spent a lot of time in them looking, often in awe, at everything around me. Obviously in Canada, the supplies are mainly North American based and are very different to the European based surplus in the UK. You never see firearms or anything like that but you do get to see some knives, even bayonets. Of course, this was in the 1970s UK.

The collection of surplus in Frosty’s is something to behold. Arctic, desert, jungle, in fact any type of environment, Frost’s has the camouflage for it. Great coats and T Shirts, shorts and ponchos, it really is an Aladdin’s cave of treasure. Frost’s also has boots from several military forces that are better than anything you can by from the big name stores.

It tends to be hunters and outdoor lovers who mostly shop at places such as Frosty’s, and that’s a shame. For one, there is some great clothing at the same price or cheaper than the faux military style clothes from Walmart or Old Navy. The material is better, since it is designed for the military not a teenager and it is obviously more realistic. We were lucky to chat to Frosty’s owner Bill, who is a wonderful man who knew what he was talking about.

I seriously recommend dropping in and seeing what takes your fancy, although if you see a arctic camouflage heavy jacket in extra large, leave it for me!

Go visit Bill at Frosty’s Military Surplus, 39900 Talbot Line, Talbotville. His hours are 11am til 6pm Tuesday to Saturday!

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