Gardening for Dummies

Well, yesterday I ventured out to the community gardens located on First Ave to find out the location of my plot. (I always assumed when people would assign me a plot it would be under a totally different circumstance!)

I am located at plot #9. I assumed my duties would end there. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Cathy Mcgregor-smith from McSmith’s Organic Farm showed up with armfuls of seedlings and compost and information galore. Before I knew it I had been handed brussle sprouts, white and purple cauliflower, cucumber, beans, tomatoes, basil, potatoes, lettuce, leeks and flowers too, all from Cathy and some of the other wonderful gardeners. I had to get to work! (Did I mention, I wasn’t wearing sunscreen? *lol*)

All in all I spent about 2 1/2 hours learning and planting. My boys made new friends and ran around like silly fools, I felt “connected” to my garden, and to my new gardening friends.

I don’t know if I planted everything exactly right, or what type of yield to expect from these plants, but it is a start and everyone has to start somewhere.

I hope to decorate my little garden, so if you stop by you will know its mine. If you feel up to it you can pretend we are playing farmville and you can water my withering crops, or help yourself of a bit of whatever is ready to harvest. This is after all a community garden, and we are all in this together.

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One comment

  1. cathy mcgregor-smith

    it was a beautiful day yesterday … exciting to see young families enjoying the prospect of growing their own food. the children are a big part of the garden.
    i love the “community part” of the garden.
    thank you for your blog.