St. Thomas Girl Guides goto India


This year 4 Girl Guides get to travel to India. This is an opportunity to learn about social issues. They will learn about social work in Indian society and what the obstacles are to achieving health and prosperity for all.

The will share their cultural traditions, learn about others and experience the excitement of cultural exchange. They will learn about India through dance, music, crafts, food, fashion and more. This is a great introduction to the diversity of this ancient, yet changing country and a fabulous opportunity for them to exchange experiences and views with friends from other countries. They will visit historical sites and experience the ‘emerging’ modern India, while learning about everyday challenges and successes in one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Look at issues from a global perspective as they learn about advocacy and leadership in the Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting centenary year, supported by the peaceful atmosphere of Sangam.

To make this trip possible the Girl Guides have been working hard selling cookies, plants, popcorn, pancakes, spaghetti dinner, silent auction, face painting, and dances which raised the most. Along with several donations including the Lions Club.

In the past years the Girl Guides have also travelled to Mexico, Switzerland, and England. This year is India.

There are 4 World Centres which India has one.

The World Centres are residential development centres where girls and young women acquire/broaden leadership and life-skills through international friendship, challenge, adventure and self-development. Girls and young women from around the world and from all backgrounds come together to discover their potential, share experiences, and gain a deeper understanding of the complex global community in which they live.

The World Centres offer a wide variety of programmes and activities for all ages. Visitors can enjoy seminars and programmes on world issue WAGGGS Global Action themes and activities to develop their leadership as well as having fun in an International setting which can include, sightseeing and trying local activities such as skiing in Our Chalet or festivals in India.

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts runs four World Centres:

Pax Lodge

Just 20 minutes from the heart of London, Pax Lodge is located in of one of the most popular and exciting capital cities in the world. The centre offers a convenient place to stay whilst exploring the city’s historical sights and is an international gathering place for WAGGGS members and non-members.

Our Cabaña, Mexico

Our Cabaña

The setting for Our Cabaña in Mexico is spectacular, with each building set in its own tropical garden, overlooking the city of Cuernavaca and surrounded by distant snow-capped volcanoes. Activities give a colourful experience of Mexican culture, food, language and arts and crafts, and include discussions on WAGGGS Global Action Themes as well as providing opportunities to work on local community projects.

Our Chalet

Our Chalet is the first and oldest of WAGGGS World Centres. It opened in 1932 as a place where girls and adults from all over the world could come together, enjoy an ‘International Jamboree Experience’, be challenged by the terrain and share the Girl Guide/Girl Scout Spirit while having adventures in the Swiss Alps in the beautiful village of Adelboden in the Swiss Oberland.


Sangam offers a rich experience of Indian life within a safe, friendly multi-cultural environment. Cultural activities include trying Indian foods, learning about clothes, music, dance and crafts, Indian traditions and contemporary India, visiting local temples and street markets. Explore the work of WAGGGS  including the Global Action Theme (GAT) and advocacy and give practical service to children and women in local community organizations..

Members of WAGGGS and non-members can stay at the World Centres as a participant in an event or event or as part of an organized programme of activities, or visit as an independent guest dependent on availability.


If you are interested in learning more about the Girl Guides, or if you are interested in joining please check out the Girl Guide website.

We at the St. Thomas Blog wish you a fantastic trip of adventure and learning. Be safe and enjoy the experience.

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