Ripley is wonderful, believe it or not!

Being a Special Needs Senior Is a Walk in The Park!

Ripley is about 12 years old, a stately gentleman. He is very happy go lucky and looking for a place to retire and enjoy what life has left to offer.

Ripley is deaf, he does not hear at all but he definitely doesn’t let that slow him down! He does understand some hand signals. Ripley can’t see too well up close but his nose sure lets him know if there are treats or food around. He doesn’t have any trouble seeing squirrels so we know he sees distance. He is not vocal, just watches intently! Because he doesn’t see well up close, stairs are a big challenge for him. He will “launch” himself downwards so has to be led down carefully or carried.

Ripley is a really happy guy, he loves life, loves people, and loves gentle easy-going walks. He is a joy to be with, and a true friend. He appears to be smiling all the time!

Ripley has had bloodwork done and his kidneys are definitely those of a senior dog. But he is absolutely 100% housetrained, no excessive drinking or urinating, and eats well. All the rest of his bloodwork was excellent. So with good care and the right diet, we think Ripley will do well.

Ripley is heartworm tested, vaccinated, and neutered. His adoption fee of $390 includes a health record.

For more information about Ripley, please send us the Adoption Inquiry on the left side of our website at

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