A true Diamond in the Woof

Diamond is a 4-year old black lab. She is a gentle soul, and wants nothing more than to please and be near you. Her tail wags furiously if you but speak a kind word to her. She has great manners – doesn’t jump up even though she would love to lick your face. She doesn’t eat food on the counter even though she watches carefully as you prepare it, hoping some might fall (which she will, of course, clean up for you.) She doesn’t take up ALL the space on the couch. She doesn’t hop up to sleep in your bed at night without being invited. She always goes to the bathroom outside, even if she has to wake you in the night to let her out.

She never lets anyone come into the house unannounced. She does stand still by the door when she comes in so you can wipe the mud off her feet, even though she’d rather run through every room painting her pawprints everywhere. She doesn’t run amok inside – she saves that behaviour for the outside fetching game. Yes, Diamond Girl is a true gem. She cuddles close to you if you let her and groans in pleasure as you rub her tummy. She does not like to be left alone, but if you do have to leave the house for any reason, she will lay patiently by the door awaiting your return. And when you do return, her bouncy, tail-wagging welcome lets you know just how much she missed you and how her whole world revolves around you!

Walking on a leash is something Diamond is still working on – her enthusiasm gets the better of her and she can pull quite hard. Diamond loves playing with people of all ages – adults and kids alike – she has lots of energy to keep up with all the outside running games that dogs love. Other dogs are seen as friends too, even when she hasn’t met them yet. Diamond is just an all-around good-natured, friendly, loving dog looking for a family to love her right back.

Diamond has been spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, heartworm tested, and treated with Revolution. Her Adoption fee of $390.00 includes her health records. To meet Diamond please go to www.allbreedcaninerescue.petfinder.com and fill out an Adoption Application located on the left hand side of our website.

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