Bethany is more than just special

Bethany was born the first week of May. She is a Bluetick Beagle, totally adorable. The breeder did not want her due to her defective eyes. Thats a shame because she is a DELIGHTFUL puppy!!!! Bethany is very tiny, with an amazing character.

Bethany was the runt of the litter, so is very small for her breed. She is amazingly curious, independent, and quite feisty. She is not afraid of anything. She loves to play, is always on the go, and loves every hour of every day. She also loves attention and loves to be cuddled.

Special Needs:
Thanks to the generosity of our many donors, we were able to get Bethany examined twice by the eye vet at the Mississauga Oakville Emergency Clinic. She had many tests including an ultrasound. The diagnosis is that Bethany’s eyes were malformed at birth and there is no treatment that will restore her sight 100%. Bethany can see light and shadows, but her sight is limited. The one condition she has is called Corneal Edema. It is a lifelong condition that leaves her vulnerable to ulcers on her eyes and glaucoma. Eye drops can manage that condition at approx cost of $50 per month. But Bethany’s new home will have to watch for any irritation or infection and immediately seek vet care so her eyes do not develop an ulcer. She also has small cataracts which limit her sight, but do not cause pain or discomfort.

Time will tell how her eyes will progress. She is already better now than she was when she first came into our care. It may be stable, or could progress. Her eyes are a condition that Bethany’s new home will have to understand and accept.

The Good News:
The good news is that Bethany is a perfectly healthy, sweet puppy……. full of life, confident, and happy. She doesn’t know that her eyesight is not what it should be. Her eye condition is not fatal and can be managed by dedicated, caring owners.

Preferred Home:
Her limited sight means that her new home must have a securely fenced yard, plus another dog or two for her to follow and learn from. Bethany loves playing with other dogs and is fearless in her play and adventures.

Bethany will be adopted with her full vaccines, dewormed, treated for any fleas, spayed, and all her test results from the specialist will go to the adopter and the adopter’s vet clinic. Her adoption fee of $390 includes all her health records and test results.

To meet Bethany, applicants must have a home with a fenced yard, another dog(s) that is calm and gentle to play with, and the ability and dedication to care for a feisty, sight-impaired puppy.

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