Buddy the Pug

Buddy was born is a local puppymill and the miller was going to shoot the puppies because business was slow. So we took little 10 week old Buddy and twenty other mill puppies. We have sheltie puppies and pug puppies in our care now. Puppymills sell through the internet and pet stores. It is legal to shoot livestock (which is what puppies are regarded as on a agriculturally zoned area), so most times the unwanted puppies and dogs are shot or left to starve. Buddy has had his vaccines, been dewormed and treated with Revolution and microchipped. He is now available for adoption.

All Breed Canine Rescue volunteers work hard to save these wonderful animals. Join our team. Visit our website at www.allbreedcaninerescue.petfinder.com.

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  1. Holy cow!!! It’s unbelievable that puppy mills are still allowed to be around and function. I can’t say I’m any sort of expert on the subject at all.. but I’ve never heard of a “good” puppy mill! Those poor little guys. I’m so glad to hear of the rescue, and I hope they all find loving homes soon! Way to go, guys!