Cat Found, At Risk

I found this scared little cat Tues, April 5, 2011;  last seen outside 
going towards Hughes St. in St. Thomas (not far from
Arthur Voaden School).

If you know where this cat lives or if this is your cat,
please contact Chris at
5 1 9 – 6 3 3 – 5 4 2 0

These non-breakaway collars are very dangerous for cats because they can get caught up somewhere and strangle the cat!  We’ve seen it happen to a neighbour’s cat, but the collar was elasticized so their cat was able to escape.  (Pet owners should also do some research about flea treatments and consult their vets about the different kinds available – you really need to know what chemicals you’re exposing your pets and your family to. If the smell of these collars makes my eyes water, imagine how your pet feels!) 

If you are you thinking about allowing your cat to go outside without restriction,  to make the right decision, you need to know the facts.

Dr. Jean Hofve (rhymes with Bon Jovi) has treated cats for all kinds of injuries and illnesses acquired while being allowed to roam.

Please see her “Indoors or Out?” article at

To be on the safe side, please keep your kittehs inside!

I would be worried sick if our cat was running at large. 

Some local cats allowed outside have recently tested positive for FeLV and FIV.

A few years ago, I saw a neighbour’s cat attacked by a dog that jumped out of a vehicle window (the cat had to be euthanized); another cat, sitting in its own front yard, was attacked by a dog being walked by children who couldn’t control it; yet another neighbour’s cat was attacked by an unknown animal and required stitches and medication; a cute cat that lived across the street that used to visit us since he was a kitten, was killed by a car on an adjoining street – I took time to place his little body on his owners’ lawn and phone them from the car as we were on our way to an appointment (his death still upsets me!).   ALL of these could have been prevented by keeping the cats inside or confined in cat runs or “catios”.

DON’T let your cat or dog be a victim!  Be a responsible pet owner.

If you’ve lost your pet…

please don’t give up looking.  See free advice from professional, non-profit pet detectives, Missing Pet Partnership at and their associated blog.
The Cats in the Bag website also has helpful information

These sites also have suggestions for helping lost pets too.

“Think lost, not stray!”

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  1. I lost my cat near Wellington & First in St Thomas and want to post a picture of her here. She is a beautiful black and white indoor cat. She will be scared. I have an add on kijiji but want to put one on here.