Cats in Trouble

All Breed Canine Rescue needs homes for abandoned cats and kittens.These poor cats are left to die outside by owners who simply do not care. The City pound closes its doors to lost cats once 20 cats are in the pound. So, many cats and kittens are left to survive on their own outside because the pound is closed to them. This is a community-wide disaster, and we need help!
Meet Pheonix, a sweet friendly male butterscotch and cream cat, with a deformed leg that doesn’t slow him down. He is friendier than most humans. Pheonix is living outside, and the weather is going to turn cold soon. He needs a home!!! Please help if you can?

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  1. It really is a sad situation seeing so many cats and kittens abandoned.I often ask myself why there are so many kittens abandoned, is it because people just don’t care? Is it because getting cats fixed is so expensive? What are people doing to help alleviate the problem? When I lived in Port Burwell, we had a vet that lived in town that would pick up stray cats take them to work with her, test them for some diseases, if they were healthy she would spay or neuter them, nip a cut in their ear and put them back on the street when they were healed. She would work with families that couldn’t afford to fix their cats and set up payment arrangements that they could afford. The cat overpopulation was soon under control.
    Maybe St.Thomas should see if the vets would offer some spay and neuter clinics at affordable prices, that would encourage people that need help financially to get their cats fixed. Or see if perhaps when a client calls in and wants a cat fixed but is shocked at the costs offer to work with them.
    Maybe setting up a fund to help clients that need assistance with the cost of fixing their pet may be beneficial.
    I have to think that people usually want to do what is best for their pets but sometimes things get out of control and jobs are lost, situations happen out of their control.
    Yes, I know some people just don’t care or don’t know any better, they see a cute kitty and have to have it then realize they cost money to feed, buy litter, vet care and toys. Or the kitty starts going to the bathroom wherever it wants and they throw it out of their home…it happens to some peoples kids so we really shouldn’t be surprised that it happens to cats!
    I think as a community we need to brainstorm on ways to help alleviate the problem. I personally am not a cat owner because of severe allergies but I have seen cats I would love to adopt from the shelter but know I can’t or I would just be adding to the problem cause by the end of the week it would have to go back!

  2. That is a great idea Valerie. I think if we could calculate how many stray cats there are, and the cheapest (but safest) way to spay or neuter, perhaps the city would step in and help? It would be a positive step and as the number of strays neutered or spayed rose, there would be less need, and therefore cost, to do this.

    I think brainstorming might be the right idea!

  3. Well, it is currently costing them to shelter strays at the shelter and to pay workers to look after them. Maybe a proposal could be made that if a group got together and fundraised X amount of dollars for spaying and nuetering maybe the city could match it.
    Maybe talking to individual vets and seeing if they would work with a group to give us the lowest prices possible for spaying and neuturing x amount of cats a month would put a good dent in it.
    I still think providing affordable spay and neuturing clinics would really help cause I do believe most people love their pets but just cant afford some of the prices charged.
    Another idea is to start a campaign where people could help sponsor a spay or neuter for an individual.
    I would be willing to help a committee set up a fundraising campaign and approach some vets to see what they think of any ideas that are generated. (I previously worked in the fundraising field before operating my own business.)
    Do cats that end up in the shelter or animal aide get spayed and neutered before being adopted?

  4. I am Chair of the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee for St. Thomas City Council. We are thinking of creating a Community Cat Program for the City of St. Thomas. Anyone interested, please email me right away at We need food and shelter for homeless cats by November. We need people who will help with building cat condos, raising money for spay/neuter, and volunteers to manage the colonies. Please email me so we can get this program up and running. Thanks!