Holly and her bundles of joy


Holly was abandoned and ended up at the St. Thomas City pound.

Her puppies were only a few days old, and Holly was frantic. A pound is no place
for wee puppies. Our hearts broke when we saw the pain in Holly’s eyes. We knew we had to intervene and make sure Holly and her babies were safe.
Thanks to an amazing foster home, Holly’s puppies are healthy and ready to go to a new home. Lucy and Dixie are 10 weeks old, cute balls of fuzz. Holly is 2 years old, a gentle dog and very sensitive, active, wants-to-please, and she is now looking
for her forever home. All our rescue dogs are fully vetted and come with a health record.
See Holly and her puppies, and all our rescue dogs at www.allbreedcaninerescue.petfinder.com.
Donations and community support are needed to ensure no dog suffers at the City Pound. Call 519-633-6226 for more information.

Lucy and Dixie

Sad Holly

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One comment

  1. It really infuriates me when I read stories about people abandoning their pets!! I don’t understand why anyone could do something so horrible….I am the owner of Buster the Beagle and two wonderful cats, Twister and Gizmoe!! People need a reminder that the pets don’t choose us…we choose them, therefore if you aren’t going to be able to care for them, you should not be choosing them!!!
    I am glad to hear that Holly, Lucy and Dixie are doing well, and hopefully they end up with people that love them!!!