Lost – One Goat

One of our readers let us know that they have lost their pet goat, Billy. She was last seen eating grass in Pinefore Park before becoming spooked by some children and running away. Billy is only a couple of years old and very shy. She will eat just about anything so if seen, do not let children approach her. If you do see her, please contact the blog and we will let the owners know as soon as possible. Even though Billy doesn’t have horns, she can still give a very powerful headbutt so please do not approach unless you are a professional goat herder!

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One comment

  1. The goat has been spotted over by lake Margaret by a family walking to school this morning. Apparently they thought is was a weird deer, but were confused when they realized it was a goat when they read our post. Can anyone in the area confirm the sighting? The owners have been notified.