Lost Rottie

There is an abandoned dog (rottie, we think) with a broken leg off First Line on Routh Rd near Iona Station, a dead end road. He has been out there for at least 2 weeks and is very thin and becoming weak.
The OSPCA and Township cannot/will not help us. My husband and I went out to look for the dog yesterday, and we finally saw him laying in tall grass. But he will not come to us. He ran away and he disappeared before we could catch up to him. We have been in touch with a woman who knows the area, and she is going to speak to the man who lives at the end of the dead end road to see if he will feed the dog and build trust with the dog.
The road is a sink hole of mud, so please do not attempt to go look for the dog on your own. But if you are interested in helping this dog in any way, please contact us.
If you have any information about this dog, please contact us at allbreedcaninerescue@sympatico.ca.
Thanks to Lois for this information

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  1. @Debbie….Even if you really miss it, its pretty hard to pick it up if you have no idea where he is….

  2. Thats so sad! Come on people in the Iowna and surrounding area. What if that was your dog or child

  3. omg that is horrible!!!! :(

  4. Rotties are a beutiful dog. The most loyal thing on 4 legs! Hope someone finds him soon and takes him in….he will be your best friend forever.

  5. I hope he found somewhere to stay out of the elements today and last night. He must need food and water also. whomever saw him, should call the animal shelter. The dog needs a vet.