LOST- Yorkie Bichon named Lily

Lily has run away, she is a 1 1/2 year old yorkie bichon.  she is black and tan.  run away from maple street area in st thomas.  family is very sad, if you see her please contact us.  thanks

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  1. … I tink that we saw Lili yesterday July 4th… she was running up Elm Street… we knew she must be somebodys pet… so we stopped and tried to help her… She would not stop for us… and was running hard… we could not catch her… she ran across Elm Street in the back yard of number 151 Elm Street… there is a sign outside of the house that says ‘Let’s Renovate’… Maybe you could post signs out in this area… We sure hope that you find her… she lookes like such a sweet dog… Carol & Dale…

  2. I doubt this one is yours we just found a Lily in Scarborough on. Says she lived in 25 Alonzo st. no city name. email me if this might be yours